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Twenty Things You May Not Know About Hockey


Ice hockey has been said to be around for well over 1000 years, but not really recognized as a common sport until the late 1800’s. Growing in popularity, hockey quickly became a staple throughout the north and has even made its way down south. Throughout its history, unusual, unbelievable, just flat out amazing things have occurred. Here are some you may not know…


1.)    The last game to ever only use one puck was in 1979. The average game of hockey uses 12 pucks per game. The 1979 puck is on display in the hockey hall of fame in Toronto.

2.)    Goalies cannot carry or touch the puck past the center line.

3.)    Fastest puck ever shot was clocked at 108.8 miles per hour.

4.)    Originally the Stanley Cup was only 7 inches tall.

5.)    A shot from 60 ft. away only gives the goalie roughly .45 seconds to react.

6.)    Dustin Brown is the only American Captain to hoist the Stanley Cup twice.

7.)    The Buffalo Sabres once killed a bat during a 1974 game. They remain the only team to have killed an animal during a game.

8.)    In British Columbia, doctors are banned from speaking about hockey while working.

9.)    The higher plexi-glass in arenas actually were not put in for fan safety from pucks, but as a result from a fan and player brawl. They were meant to lessen the chance of a fan provoking another player.

10.)Phil Esposito, in 1969, was first NHL player to get 100 pts in a season.

11.)The word “Puck” was first mentioned in the February 7th, 1876 edition of the Montreal Gazette. The NHL has taken this as pucks birthday, despite it being much older.

12.)Wayne Gretzky holds 61 NHL records, and no one else has been able to come close to breaking that.

13.) Hockey ice is usually only about ¾ inch thick and is kept at 15.8 degrees.

14.)Kris Draper was traded to the Detroit Red Wings for only $1.00.

15.)In 1930 a goaltender by the name of Abie Goldberry caught fire during a game. Goldberry had a pack of matches in his pocket when a puck struck it, igniting it.

16.)The average player loses 5-8 lbs during a game.

17.)The first rink made was in 1876 in London.

18.)Only two times in history has the Stanley Cup not been awarded. Once in 1919 during a Spanish flu pandemic which ultimately made the Montreal Canadiens ill and unable to play for the cup. The second in 2005 for the NHL lockout.

19.)It takes 15,000 gallons of water to make the ice for rinks.

20.)Mark Messier has taken the Stanley Cup to two strip clubs on two separate occasions.


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